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Although this ebook has provided you with a wealth of information, there is much more to be learned. The absolute best way to learn is by doing. Although the first step is the hardest, once you take that step, each additional step will become a little easier and bring you that much closer to achieving your dreams.

If you sincerely want to succeed online, here are some of the most important factors that will determine your success:

. You must be completely passionate about your business and have a sincere desire to succeed.
. You must be self-motivated, self-disciplined, open minded and independent (willing to research and learn on your own).
. You must be willing to invest in your business. This will include your time, purchasing advertising, services, software, courses or whatever it takes to help your business profit.
. You must be willing to invest in your own domain name (www·yourdomain·com) and web hosting.
. You must drive targeted traffic to your web site and/or affiliate site.
. You must be willing to educate yourself.
. You must develop an opt-in list of targeted potential customers.
. You must market quality products and/or services that will be of interest to your target market.
. You must develop a strategic marketing plan.
. You must follow up with your potential customers.
. You must test and track every aspect of your marketing and advertising endeavors.

If you take the time to research and educate yourself, you will save yourself a great deal of time, effort and money. However, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. There are many great courses, ebooks and software programs available online to assist you. However, make sure you do a little research prior to making a purchase, as you want to ensure you're making the right choice for you.

If you have a sincere passion and a sincere desire to succeed, you will. It's really that simple. You can have whatever you want out of life if you're willing to do what it takes to get it. Above all else, you must have a strong personal drive, and the willingness to tackle any obstacle that may come along.

You must also have faith in yourself and surround yourself with positive, happy people, as these type of people will be the most supportive of you. Try to avoid negative, unhappy people, as they will only bring you down and cause you to have self-doubt. If you think about it, most negative people are those who are still working their 9-5 jobs everyday and probably always will. They have probably never ventured out on their own and will most likely never make any "REAL" money.

Although you may be suffering from information overload and feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, simply take it one step at time and work at your own pace. It will be worth your time and effort in the long run.

There are many successful home-based Internet businesses making a wealth of money online. I would love for yours to be the next success story.

To your success!

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